The wedding season can bring a whole lot of chaos and quite tough to handle with too many decisions to be made in very little time. One of the most important decisions is which wedding ring to buy. It usually involves a lot of factors and takes up a considerable amount of time. With technology aiding us to buy jewellery online, the process has gotten a little easier though.

Many reputed brands have put their entire collections online for the customers to browse through. Renowned jewellery brand, PC Jewellers also features its wide collection on which is a one-stop solution for all your jewellery needs. The site has a comprehensive collection of the best wedding rings and will make your decision that much easier. Here are some of the designs you can refer to when choosing a ring.結婚戒指 is an excellent resource for this.

-Traditional all the way

Think back to the start of the DeBeers famous engagement ring campaign that made big diamond rings an engagement must have. The classic single solitaire on a platinum band is the traditional ring you could opt for if you like to have a clean shape but do not want to compromise on the bling. You could opt for a basket setting or have a three diamonds placed next to each other. The band, too, can have little diamonds to cover the plain metal. There are a number of options available to make it as glamorous as you want or even as simple as you desire.


For those of you looking at a more modern design, you can opt for sculptural rings that have unique shapes and are very quirky and glamorous at the same time. You could even go for a ring that has other design elements like vines, leaves and small motifs complementing the main solitaire. A bezel setting is very popular where the metal band flanks the diamond on all sides giving it a more pronounced look.


Love the old school look and ant something that is from another era? Try some vintage designs that will never go out of style. You could go for an actual antique ring but that could cost you a small fortune. Instead, get a ring inspired from the bygone era which has all the glamour and luxury while still being very relevant. You could opt for dainty bands, elaborate galleries or scrollwork pattern that will make you wedding ring a one of a kind. Big diamond rings were all the rage back in the day and you could add a little personal touch to the band to make it your own.

A wedding is a special occasion, make sure you get a ring that is worthy of marking this beautiful mark in your life. Choose from a variety of designs and techniques for that perfect ring.