Sealcoating a driveway is done to improve the appearance and to reduce cracking. The process of sealcoating is often prescribed as a way to enhance the appearance of the driveway as well to improve the longevity.Checkout Gettysburg Sealcoating for more info.

Before you are heading up for a driveway sealcoating in Braintree MA, you should know a few things about the process and the reasons why you should do it. You should also be aware of the appropriate questions to ask the paving company before giving the final node.

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Cons of concrete and asphalt driveways:

In general, about 90 percent of driveways are either concrete or asphalt. Ironically, both tend to crack and discolor over time. Driveway cracks are the results of age and weather, especially in unsealed driveways. When water from snow or rain seeps through the asphalt or concrete, it creates pools of water underneath it, gradually and eventually resulting in cracking especially when that moisture freezes and thaws repeatedly.

The main reason for this seepage is that these driveways are made from porous materials. It is right here that driveway sealcoating makes a difference.

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How is driveway sealcoating different from other driveways?

Driveway sealing closes off the pores so that water can’t penetrate the paving material. This results in a safer and more secured driveway that leads to a long life without cracks and faded color.

Heavy vehicles, busy traffic and tree roots can also damage the concrete or asphalt. In case of driveway sealing, the base is built with 5-inches or more of compacted gravel. As a result, the damages are controlled and minimized.

Benefits of driveway sealing:

The main benefit of sealcoating is that it protects the driveway color from fading and also prevents from cracking. Sealants also make cleaning oil or other leaked fluids from your vehicle much easier because the liquid can’t seep into those tiny pores on the driveway.

How often sealcoating is reapplied?

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Sealcoating driveways last longer and generally after every two or three years, needs to be reapplied to keep your driveway in fine shape.

How to hire the best sealcoating contractor? And what questions to ask?

It is always suggested to hire a professional contactor for sealing driveways rather than investing huge by doing it yourself. The aim is to get it done the correct way to prevent further damage.