Sexuality refers to the physiological characteristics that define human beings as male and female. Sexual health is defined as a state of physical, psychological and social wellbeing related to sexuality. It requires a respectable approach to improve marital relationships.Do you want to learn more? Visit EVRNU

The most common issues related to sexual health are arousal disorders, low libido or low sexual drive, difficult orgasms, anxiety and ejaculatory disorders (in men). It is important to seek medical assistance to correct sexual concerns that can affect a relationship. The healthcare sector plays a great role in assessing sexual health issues through education, counseling and care.

What are sexual health concerns?

Simply put, they are the result of certain underlying conditions, in either a person or a relationship, which require corrective measures for their identification, treatment and prevention.

Health advisor in primary healthcare centers can identify most of the sexual concerns. However, it is important to consult a specialist who deals better in sexual health.

Common clinical syndromes associated with impairment in sexual function are:

-Sexual aversions – Low libido or lack of sexual drive

-Arousal disorders – Erectile dysfunction (in men) and sexual dysfunction (in females)

-Vaginal dryness – Painful coition

-Anorgasmia – Difficult orgasm

Premature ejaculation in men

Clinical syndromes related to reproductive system include infertility, sterility, abortion complications and unwanted pregnancy. Other concerns include sexually transmitted diseases such as genital warts or ulcers, vaginal discharge, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS.

It is important to look after treating these sexual issues by consulting a medical professional. Your doctor, after thorough examination, will suggest you a specific treatment. For instance, men with erectile dysfunction need oral medicine that can increase the penile blood flow for an erection. At the same time, they may require treatment for correcting the underlying medical cause.

Different intimate concerns need different ways of approach. Many people notice improvement simply with the help of a proper psychological counseling. Intimate issues caused by emotional or mental disturbances need psychological counseling.

The bottom line is that an individual should immediately seek medical attention if he/she experiences any problem in intimate life. If left untreated, sexual concerns can affect a person’s physical and emotional health. Just make sure you talk to your partner and doctor about your problem so that you can receive appropriate treatment.