There is always an advantage of travelling by taxi rather than owning one’s own vehicle. It’s always helpful in saving time, money and expenses. There is always be a safety that must be ensured by travelling taxi. In this article, I will share some important tips that will ensure your safety requirements while travelling by taxi.¬†Checkout Tips for staying healthy while traveling for more info.

Following safety tips will help you to save your life in any type of situation while travelling, these safety tips should be known by each and every person who loves to travel or book a taxi for a short distance for his/her home or office. The tips are as follows-

-Pickup service from hotel/railway station-

As if one has booked a hotel then some hotel provides complementary pickup service for their customer at no extra cost. If you are at the railway station then you can book a taxi directly from your smartphone app and enjoy your ride at a reasonable price by selecting coupons which will give you discounts on your taxi ride.

-Booking through the hotel-

Most hotels have tied up with the local travel taxi agencies which can help you with your travel tours with hotels. So before booking any hotel look for any travel tour and complementary taxi service for pickup is available or not. In case it is not available then you can book or call a taxi from a list provided by the hotel itself.

-Never give tips-

Giving a tip to the driver is not compulsory but in some foreign countries, it is mandatory. I think it should be the wish of the passenger if he/she is extremely pleased with the travelling experience otherwise there is no need for it.

-Check taxi meter-

Whenever one book taxi its first priority is to ensure the meter is working properly or not. If one doesn’t check it earlier then driver might charge you a higher fare. So, its always handy to check meter is not running too fast or too slow.

-Pretend to be knowledgeable-

Don’t pretend the driver to know that you are new to the place, always gather some information well in advance the place you are travelling to and time required to reach that place. Even you can online map to find out the shortest path possible for the place.

-Bargaining the fare-

Before starting for any type of tour know the location amount either from the hotel or from the local people otherwise taxi driver will charge you a higher fare than the normal. Even you can ask local people about the travel distance and how much time it will require to reach the destination, this will help you in calculating the exact fare for the place.

-Waiting time charges-

Sometimes the driver charges a lot for waiting for the passenger so it is better to be ready before the taxi arrives, even in some metered taxi it is calculated automatically.

-Keep change for money-

It is always handy to have various denominations of money if you need it to pay to the driver, sometimes drivers also don’t have the change to give back and they take it as might it will be their tip. Some taxi also has the option of paying through online wallets like paytm, oxygen wallet or even their self-made wallets through their taxi app.

-Avoid travelling in the early morning and late at night-

It is always advisable not to travel late at night or early in the morning because that point in time chances of theft or any time of mishappening are very high. So plan your travel keep in mind that it should be in daytime and plan should be made accordingly.