Salesforce is one of the best CRMs in the world and this has been established time and again. The services that Salesforce offer is far more superior than any of its competitors. One of the biggest factors that have played a role in making it an industry leader is that Salesforce is much more than your usual Customer Relation Management software; it can be implemented to sales, marketing, and even to the operations side of your business. The tool comes with such huge number of features that it becomes absolutely necessary to hire Salesforce Consultants who are well adept with the technology and how it functions.these detailsĀ steps to becoming a successful consultant.

While there are a number of companies who believe in learning and implementing Salesforce within their team, without taking help of an external party, more often than not, as the company grows, it becomes difficult to keep up with the business and learning Salesforce in further depth. If you are at a stage where you started on your own but are now lacking behind on some front or the other, here are some signs that it is time to hire a Salesforce Consultant to take the platform and your business further –

  1. Problem with Salesforce Adoption

If you are using Salesforce on one hand and still using Excel or Emails on the other to talk to your clients or make reports, you are in problem.

  1. Unaware of Salesforce’s full ability

If you are still using limited 20 – 25 features of Salesforce tool, without even knowing its full potential, there is so much you are losing on. The platform has a number of options and tools that when used individually or in combination, can take your business far, and if you are unaware of its reach, it’s an indication.

  1. A vague idea of your customers and prospects

You are not sure where your customer information is saved, if at all it’s present. Your prospect and customer data – of how they interact in your site, where they leave and what they expect etc. is not integrated. If it sounds similar, you have very little idea of your customer and you are losing lots of opportunities.

  1. Customer Satisfaction is a problem area

Customer satisfaction comes as a by-product of a Salesforce tool that is properly implemented and is used to its maximum efficiency. If this is not happening with you, the chances that your clients will get happy any time soon is very slim.

  1. Missing meaningful reports

If your Salesforce tool is not able to get you reports that shows the exact reasons why you are not closing deals and is not helping you with a clear path forward, it is a waste. In this scenario, the chances are that you are unsure of how at all Salesforce is helping your business grow.

The combination of all these issues is taking you in the direction of high spends on Salesforce with no clear objective, whatsoever. It can all be easily avoided if you hire a Salesforce Consultant, who knows how to take it forward.

But, you cannot just hire a Salesforce Consultant on the basis of his reviews and low cost. A consultant that will guide your business without making a hole in your pocket needs to be special.