If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), SC it is important that you get in contact with an experienced criminal defense attorney that understands the DUI laws in the state of South Carolina. A DUI conviction have a dramatic impact on your life effecting not only your ability to drive but can also result in losing your job, require you to obtain special insurance called SR-22, not to mention having a criminal conviction.Checkout DUI Lawyer NJ for more info.

-Get the Right Advice
It is so important that your lawyer understands the DUI laws that are specific to the state of South Carolina. Placing your future in the hands of an experienced DUI Attorney is the first step to take in getting the help you need to defend your case.

-Start Your Defense Now
It is important to understand that even if the police have arrested you for a DUI charge, you still have certain constitutional and statutory rights that can assist in your defense. Because the case law on DUI charges and the statutes are complex it is very difficult to handle your case without the assistance of a trained criminal defense lawyer. That’s why hiring a DUI Lawyer is so important to defending your case.

-How to Defend Your DUI Charge
One of the first steps in your DUI arrest is to make sure that the police met the required criminal procedures in making the arrest. In South Carolina, there is a requirement that all DUI arrests be video recorded. An experienced DUI Attorney will request the evidence for you, review it, and make sure that the police have followed the correct procedures in making the arrest and have preserved the evidence properly. In reviewing your case, a competent lawyer will make sure that the police followed the proper procedures and if they failed, they can assert that as a defense to protect your rights. Even if you provided a breath test that was high that does not mean that it is admissible against you in a court of law. An experienced attorney will review the facts and evidence against you and argue for the best possible resolution of your case for you. Breath tests must be performed within a certain time frame and if not, then they are inadmissible against you.