If you have an aging parent or grandparent that is no longer able to care for themselves in their own house, you may be considering assisted living or even a nursing home. That is a very hard decision to make, particularly when the elderly person would like to stay in their own home where they are familiar and comfortable. There are, however, several different things that a person might be able to do to assist the elderly so that they may stay in their home. Hiring a caretaker, seeking out a meal delivery program, or securing a cleaning service are all things that can be done to help your loved one stay at their own house.Checkout Discounted house cleaning for seniors for more info.

Image result for house cleaning for seniorsHiring a caretaker is definitely something that should be considered when an elderly person is unable to handle their own care and daily needs. Some caretakers will handle things such as laundry, light cooking, light dusting, and even assist with bathing needs. Other caretakers, such as certified nursing assistants, or even registered nurses, will often take care of bathing needs, along with any medical attention that your loved one. However, they typically do not handle any of the other daily living duties such as cooking and cleaning. In fact, most caretakers will not do any heavy clean-up whatsoever. In this instance, you would most certainly need to hire a cleaning service as well.

Meal delivery programs are a wonderful alternative to home-cooked meals for senior citizens that are unable to take care of their meal needs. These types of programs can often be set up to deliver lunch and supper Related imageon a day-to-day basis. Most programs however do not offer a breakfast option. The caretaker you hire will likely handle making a light breakfast to get your loved one’s day off to a good start.

Hiring a cleaning service will take quite a load off of everyone involved in your loved one’s caretaking. The cleaning service will handle everything from week to week needs such as vacuuming, dusting trinkets, and sanitizing bathrooms. They will also take care of seasonal means such as washing windows, shampooing carpets, and polishing woodwork.

Asking someone to leave their own home is very hard to do, but in some circumstances, it is for the best. However, in a situation that can be remedied with the use of outside assistance, your loved one may be able to stay in their home even through their final days. This makes the situation easier for everyone involved and leaves no feelings of hurt, guilt, or regret.