Potty training your dog isn’t easy! Getting your dog to come back when you call can be a struggle! Want to stop your dog from jumping up at people? You can stop all of this in one evening, would you like to know how? then read on: Training sessions should be short no more than 20 mins and fun, if your dog isn’t having fun then don’t expect any results. Don’t get enraged, if you feel yourself getting cross stop the sessions right away and start again tomorrow. Keep your commands short, clear and consistent, don’t confuse your dog by using the same command for two things for example if your dog jumps on the furniture don’t say “down” as this is the command for lie down you should say “off” as this means get off something.navigate to this website

Potty training isn’t an easy thing to do, as puppies they are used to being able to do their business wherever they want and then unexpectedly their owner decides it is time to go potty in the right place. This is confusing for the dog and may take some time for them to do as you wish. How to train your dog in one evening can help with this process, it contains many hints and tips on how to potty train your dog quickly.

Dog jumping is OK when they are outside playing or on agility training but jumping up at you in your home, or worse, when they jump up at someone else, is unwanted behavior. Here is one answer to this dilemma, when your dog jumps up at you stop giving the dog any attention, don’t look at them, tell them off or touch them in any way.

Dogs love consideration and if you don’t react they will realise this isn’t working so they stop. In the earlier mentioned book, there are lots of other ideas as to how to stop this, also this tip may not work on all dogs, as like us they are all individuals and will react to different things.

Why won’t your dog come back when you call them, well do you take your dog for a walk, wait for him to do his business and then scuttle straight back home. Most dogs don’t get ample exercise and part of the reason for that is stated above. This is one of the reasons why dogs don’t come back when called. Try taking your dog for a longer walk, allow him off the lead for a while but when you call him bend down and open your arms when he comes back praise him by cuddling him and give him a treat if you want to, this way the dog will know that he is being called back to you for praise not scolding. There are many more handy hints and tips for dog training of all kinds in the ebook called “How to train your dog in one evening” some training techniques do take a little longer but try it and you’ll be amazed.