There are several ways to store your cool water at home, however the most popular one is using a water cooler and with good reason. People have tried and tested various options for many years now and they keep coming back to the water coolers because this is simply the easiest and cleanest way to have your fresh and cool water at any time. Nothing beats it so far.Have a look at Advanced Pure Water Solutions for more info on this.

For example many have tried various water filtering options that are connected to their mains supply. However there are some problems with it. For example the filter needs constant replacing and that costs money. Also depending on the type of filtering system you get, your water might or might not be as clean and pure as you’d think it is.

You can also buy the 1.5l water bottles in a pack of 6 or 12 every couple of days, however how practical is that really? And how much more costly compared to buying a water cooler that stores so much more liquid in it than a few liters. People are eager to test anything new that comes on the market, however in the end they stick with what works best for them. In this case, a good old fashioned water cooler.

You can get two types on the market today, depending on your needs and preferences. You either go for a bottled or a bottleless water cooler. If you have a mains supply at home, the bottleless variety might be better for you, however if you are living in an apartment or you need one for your office, the bottled type is perfect and the easiest choice. Not only that, but it’s very easy to install, clean and maintain. Also replacing your empty bottles is a breeze. In contrast, installing a bottleless cooler, or even cleaning it can take you lots of time and patience that you might not have.