First aid skills are vitally important. These almost forgotten skills can be life saving. Here is what to do in the most three common first aid situations.

1. Bleeding
First wash your hands and locate the area of bleeding. Clean the cut and the surrounding skin. If the wound is on the arm or leg, raise the cut above the level of the heart. Pat dry and cover with a sterile dressing. If the bleeding is severe, ask the person to lie down and put direct pressure onto the wound with your hand over a clean pad secured with a bandages. If there is an object embedded in the wound, press firmly on either side of the object and build padding around it before bandaging. If bleeding continues you should seek medical help.

2. Collapse/Fainting
If the person is unconscious but breathing put them in the recovery position. Roll them onto their side and bend the arm they’re lying on at a right angle. Move the other arm, so that the back of their hand is under their cheek. Take the leg that is on top and bend the knee, pulling it up and forwards until the side of the foot is flat on the floor. Make sure their airway remains open by tilting their head back and lifting the chin. Check breathing.

3. Seizure/Fitting
Clear the area to make sure there’s nothing that may injure the person, and loosen clothing around their neck. Don’t hold the person down or try to force open their mouth. When the seizure stops, place them in the recovery position. Is the seizure lasts longer than five minutes, call and ambulance.