There are some very good reasons for enhancing our current ability to hear. By enhanced, I simply mean paying attention. This article may prove to be a help many people in all walks of life. Its benefits are not limited too one particular group of people. If one practices these principles in this article they will add immensely to their overall quality of hearing. In sharpening our hearing we can add depths to our very existence. Actually, our awareness increases because we are concentrating on what we are hearing.Wherever or whatever we are doing, we should learn to pay attention to the sounds that are going on all around us. We should listen to all the different sounds going on around us. This will sharpen our minds and add to our quality of life. For example, if you hear a car running, learn to really hear it. Does it sound well made or does it sound like a piece of junk? If we listen a little closer we might hear the slightest rattle of the number four cylinder or the squeaking of a soon to break fan belt.Have a look at Tinnitus & Hearing Center for more info on this.

Its also important to listen to the sounds within the sound. By this, I means that we can develop an ability to hear the smallest sounds within the much louder noises. This will allow us to hear what other people are not listening to or for. As we develop this ability we will be able to easily distinguish one sound from another. When you hear the sound within the sound you will be able to also assign an importance to each sound heard.The next step in this process is to practice paying attention to all the sounds that you hear. We can start this process early in the day by simply listening to every single sound we hear. For example, you listen to your body moving in the bed, you hear the neighbor slam their car door, you hear your wife open the refrigerator, you hear your chest rattling just a little bit, you hear your wife feet shuffling around on the kitchen floor. If we practice hearing in this manner, before you know it, we will have gained a permanent habit.I think, in the end, we will find this is a very enjoyable skill to develop. For example, after awhile we will begin to hear even the slightest sounds outside your house. We will hear the slightest sounds weather inside our house or outside because we are attuned to hear the sounds within the sound. Again we will have the ability to separate sounds not matter what their volume or combinations of sounds. This is a lifelong skill worth learning.